Our company is committed to maintaining the long run health of our dogs, so with the cooperation of the Norwegian company, “IMMIVET BETA GLUCAN”, we have created our special dental care product with a hypoallergenic dental stick, supplemented with BETA-GLUCAN.

IFor strengthening the body’s natural resilience by preventing and supplementing infectious diseases. By enhancing the natural reactivity of the immune system, it supports the efficacy of vaccines. Furthermore, it can also be used for supplementary treatment of allergic symptoms, for enhancing physical activity and vitality, and for the supplementary treatment of tumor diseases.

Buster dental stick with Beta-Glucan 180g

In our products there is a high percentage of beta-glucan, and is therefore recommended as a preventative product for dogs. The beneficial effects of beta-glucan are demonstrated by a number of clinical studies. For information on the beneficial effects of beta-glucan, visit the following English-language websites: 
Buster Dent - Beta-Glucan